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Learning about the creative community’s response to the climate emergency

Climate Friendly Culture is a development project to learn about the creative community’s response to the climate emergency and explore digital tooling to support this. It is led by Edinburgh-based musician and sustainability professional Caro Overy in partnership with Creative Carbon Scotland and inGenerator and kindly supported by Creative Informatics through the Resident Entrepreneur programme,

Through support from the Connected Innovators programme, I carried out an initial phase of research interviewing artists and cultural professionals to understand how climate change and environmental impact fits into their work and collaborated with developer inGenerator to bring together a set of concept sketches for a digital tool to support the cultural contribution to a resilient and low carbon future. Through the current phase of the project, I’m working to test ideas and visual prototypes based on these concept sketches with potential users and to create a plan for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Have a read of my reflections as I take this journey and find out about how this project came about and how it works on the page about project partners.